Oh Where Art Thou

I miss u so this important day
That could shape my life in so many different ways
Ur gentle word ur wise advice
Ur firm beliefs that have shaped my life
Oh how I miss ur lap, ur face, ur kind words that left life’s hardships abay
Oh how I sigh in confusion and disdain over the isolation I imposed on my fate
How I wish I listened when u said come back
Or even tried to give home another knack
But alas I was blinded by ambition and greed
And am now stuck here remorseful to feel
Oh love, I miss u so much my heart aches for ur company
Ur guidance ur piety ur closeness to the divinity
Oh guardian angel, I pray for us to see each other soon
Lest I lose control and my soul’s kept in eternal doom
I have so much to tell u so many sobs to share
But all I make do with now is a dark wall at which I stare
I feel like I’m sliding in a blackness of the unknown
Ur light sorely missed to guide this path that’s most forlorn

Oh where art thou
My angel, my compass
I’m lost without u and afraid of my many future stumbles

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Silent Fury

ever been so angry that you could almost burst
not regular fury but the kind that hurts the most
a kind with no outlet to vent from, a poison to its host,
no understanding person in sight, not even a random soul to boast,
so deep the burn that it hurts your insides and seeps out off course
tears stuck in my throat filling my lids to the brim, so precariously close,
to flowing freely and drenching my masked cold face,
years of practice molding it into an unreadable state
a tip over the brim could crack softness in this well enforced palisade
cracking open a dam that could forever to close take
gushing forth forgotten and buried moments that should’ve been left in their state
a spark has just been lit that is burning faster than a gas filled wooden stage
no water in this world could dampen it’s progress or change its course
burning with it my soul and charring my mind leaving me in an eternal haze
a long road waits ahead to gather what’s left of me and redo my face
so i can appear strong and proud even if i don’t feel so great
there goes the world taking punches at me from every angle
hopefully I’ll get a grip on things and finally control my fate….
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I Call to U

i call to you underneath these walls,
a silent scream on muffled ears
an intricate cage that’s been well made
and upgraded with more hard rocks every year.

the softness inside me has long been smothered away
by the tough tissues of numerous scars of various depths given 

the word happy as foriegn to me as the word snow is to a sahara bedouin
every day joys only distant memories long forgotten,
more time is spent on bracing oneself against more follies

i call to you underneath these walls
and ask you simply to forgive me
i have done you more harm than good
the day i let you wander into my battlefield
selfish i’ve been in letting you in

before i had made peace from with in me

now you are stuck neither foe or friend
stranded, blown away to where my storms fling you in my wretched kingdom

i call to you underneath these walls

my distinguished noble, my savior

i humbly ask you to save yourself and spare yourself all this trouble

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Another day has just swept by,

Carrying with it more of my heart felt sighs,

I wonder now what if all this is a lie,

Or maybe a clip from my favourite movie’s lines,

Could it be a stray arrow shot down from the sky,

That finally landed on my vulnerable side,

Or maybe one of those dreams where I soon wake up with a smile,

And laugh at myself for having a delusional mind,

Maybe that one thing that I loathed actually exists!

And I fallen for this illness and gotten sick,

Suffering in its sweet and gently tight grip,

I’m not even sure if I want its medicine,

Yet I’m not comfortable to let its golden ropes stick,

To my heart, my soul, and to my very brain’s thick,

How could I have lived happily without this thing,

I guess it’s just a sweet illusion that will soon need a shrink,

Before I get consumed in it and reach the very brink,

So should I thank little Cupid for his arrow’s tip,

Or maybe curse him for not trying to miss,

Like chocos and candy,

the more you hold it, it sticks,

Yet it tastes more delicious than as candy does to kids,

Here I am gushing about it clearly caught up in its grips,

Lord help me come to terms with this queer illness,

And sort out my mind to deal with my heart’s mess,

With no compromise to myself,

my values, or my ideals lest,

I lose myself and gain nothing but a big heartache..

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Thru Thick and Thin

Divided we’ve become through thick and thin,

No longer are we moved by the sight of grief stricken men,

Blinded by this world’s hunger and vicious schemes,

Unheeding to the cries for help that quietly beseech,

And call for our human and generous streaks,

When was the last time u took a blind man’s hand in lead,

Or helped those back home, or even felt a shred of sympathy,

Engulfed r our thoughts in wealth, power and how to succeed,

Oblivious to who we tramp on or on whose poor shoulders we lean,

A thought their way is a first step to begin,

The repair of our burnt bridges that have collapsed within,

Our nations could unite together and finally begin,

A new page where a brother’s cry is felt strongly and dims,

Out all other meaningless distractions and mindless whims,

The aid of a fellow human will hopefully fill,

Part of our ambitions, hopes, goals, and wills,

Drive us back closer, united and each other’s protective shields,

Like bricks in a wall, we stand close and support each other’s needs

Nations with more things in common that aid each other’s fallen

Nations whose goal is how to spread and nurture goodwill,

And hopefully stand united together through thick and thin

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Broken Wing

The girl with the broken wing lies here tonight
Watching the familiar lights above
She had seen this view inside out
In another lifetime on the wings of a dove
How far has life plunged her down
And when will she return
A million questions fill her head
Unanswered with a sad undertone
She lay awake under the moon’s glow
Its light plays gently across her skin
And her broken wing is bared
Crippled and crushed she lays
Surrendered to her fate
The rustle of the night keeps her awake
The noise of sheets on a breathing soul
Her body twitches with every pulse
And with every breath sways forth
How could people bear all this noise
That cut through the nights quiet poise
A cricket here a wild thing there
The night had a life of it’s own
The soft creak under her humble bed
Made of petals mixed with soft leaves and earth
Covered with a lavender scented silk And blanketed with fine wool
Oh what she would give to go back up there
And be able to sleep with no blasting horns
She lay there under the night
Gazing at the familiar lights
With a broken wing And a tattered soul
She sighs then manages a small smile

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Forever Heroes

Heroes you are and forever will be remembered,
for you have stood in the way of  powerful tyrants.
Free are your souls and your memory precious,
for you have sacrificed your lives for the rest of us.
Rest in Peace my fellow brothers and sisters,
your loss has taught us to stand up to those who oppressed us.
To say no to injustice and defend our nations,
against all that want us harm, against all traitors.
Heroes you are and will forever be remembered
for you have set us all free…..

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Tribute to Special Warriors

my life has just ended
my final bell has been rung
this dark present lays inside me uninvited
i try to phanthom why it chose me to reside in
what did i do to deserve this dark gift
who could i thank for posting this endowment so swift
and given my life such a brutal shift
i could feel it unwrapping itself and getting cozy
in my bosom it feeds and grows and devours me
an unwelcome guest lays there that weakens me
not now, i plead, not like this
maybe i’m better off dead , lets move  this forewith
i silently pray to get this overwith
prayer, after prayer, i find relief
for my family and loved ones are all so near
i feel a cloak of calmness engulf me
my mind gently lets go of all that i did fear
for i will rip this present out and send it packing
i will   bear whatever it throws at me and will be left satanding
i will defeat you and snuff you out of my existance
and pray that neither me nor anyone else is sent any other such offerings
strong will and reason has finally fueled me from inside
i will not leave without a fight
and i will defeat you with all my might
for i believe in myself and i know i can heal
you no more frighten me, though i know the road ahead isn’t a pleasant sight
but it’s the prize beyond this uphill battle  that has given me the strength of the finest knights
i’m frightened no more of your grip over me
and i have already started the road to recovery
yes i can defeat you and God willingly i will
and i will soon declare it to all that i’m cancer free and still….

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Once Upon a Heart

Once upon a heart that beat in a faraway land
closer to us than we might fathom
lay a warm blooded soul with a shackled mind
fear for breakfast he was fed, paranoia for lunch on the menu
dinner, Alas! was but a mix of the two
hypnotized was this poor clueless being of what transpired around him
busy was he made, day and night, overflowing with all life’s burdens
he could barely even glance and see what’s outside the closed up world that he lived in
a monotonous oppressed life he lead, surrounded by corruption.

Once upon a heart in a faraway land
filled with endless wars and brutal killings
it beat furiously every moment, trying to outrun the arrows of misfortune
covered was it in a veil, custom made by the chieftains
to keep away reasoning, to block knowledge, and keep all questionings at arm’s length
but this young brave heart couldn’t beat idly no more, and began to tear at that garment
with every hole made, rays of light shone in, to clear up the darkness
in but a short time, this heart caught it’s breath, and gazed at the scene around him
he looked at his right, and then to the left, and even checked behind him
pounding with different beats, he saw the others that were oblivious just like him
blind hearts lay beating, working hard under the pressure of their own burdens
stifled and gasping, they barely breathed under the exact same veil that like him, kept them isolated
deafened to the world, they stumble and try to reach for solid ground under them
it’s a shield to keep you safe, a lie they accepted without wonder
don’t touch it, don’t remove it, they were warned, lest your enemies will devour you
a wave passes by with the strength of an earthquake
stronger than coffee, more potent than any antidote, an electrical shock snapped them out of their slumber
jolted awake by this unexpected shake they frantically look around them
the covers are gone, must have slipped off by what woke em
their confusion forgotten by the new found beating hearts around them
for the very first time they feel less alone, their beats come in unison
the light shines through their pure hearts and chases away all suspicions
understanding dawns over their heads, their minds churn back into action
when all dust settles aside, they realize their chieftains were but their real dangers
their peril was not in the unknown that lurked under the shadows
for the people they were warned against were the same people they had trusted to lead them
shackles broken, bonds mended, unity once again settled in
gone are those that whispered dark thoughts that let their nightmares fester
chased away were those demon chiefs, their deceit was laid open

Once upon a heart in a faraway land
Closer to us than we may fathom
a symphony beats with a sweet melody that has ousted away tyranny
this heart beats solo no more, for it’s surrounded by beats of harmony…..

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Farewell Pharoahs

Floating gently in the stream of life

i watch those that swim around me against the tides rise

a broken body here, another still flailing there, all unified, all for this strife

i quietly watch, and let the waves carry my weightless body, defeated without a try

a storm is brewing and angry waves sweep all of us by

the eye of the storm apparent, and closing in on our plights

swimming furiously against its pull, some taken out with a big splash

awakened from the nightmare that hypnotized us many a time

the bonds have been broken, the cages crumbled in this fight

disbelief and cynicism slowly washed away as numbers rise

the beginning of the end some chant,

the start of a new dawn others cry

i float no more in these murky waters

for the swimmers have cleared it free

the whirlpool of the resistance has turned this still pond into a raging sea

where wave after wave, the dirt is purged and the murkiness thrown to dry shore

i feel my limbs loosen around me, my paralysis gone, at last we can even the score

i’ve regained my free will to swim and finally join the ranks in shoals

thanks to the brave, the martyred for our freedom the first of many to pay the highest price

we will float idly no longer, in this unpredictable sea of life

but rather swim and swim again and reinstate our long lost rights

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