Oh Weeping Sun Quit your Cry

Here I am on a dark rainy day,
in yet another foriegn land so many miles away.
A spot within me glows with somewhat wavering hope,
illuminating what’s around me, my thoughts spreading like foam.
A hope so strong yet fragile to the wrong winds,
I keep it hidden within me, safely tucked away within.
It’s what keeps me warm, this frigid autumn day,
and keeps me smiling as I lie confined in this new place.
I watch the rain wash furiously all that’s outside,
maybe a sign from heaven that this life’s hitting a restart!
The weepin sun, long hidden by the dark clouds above,
its tears soak the clouds grey, the weight making them lose their fluff.
The heaviness exceeds their strength and spills rain on the ground,
but as with every other thing in this world, I know that this rain won’t last for long.
I wait patiently for the sun to finally replace the grey wet clouds with ones dry and new,
To restore cheer back in the air and soak our skins with happiness through and through…….

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