Let Us be Free

Society rules and I don’t abide,
but with my rebellion comes a hefty price
the threat of expulsion or being ostracized
by a power so strong wielded over us based on mischievous lies
its force, grows stronger day by day
as long as it’s invisible veil covers their eyes
each powerless on their own to exercise their free will
to survive, to grow, you must like a chameleon blend in
or risk the consequences and be at the mercy of other’s whims.
Society rules with impotent strength
once each person asserts his right to bend it
then we can render it useless to control the masses
and life finally springs back to the shackled
freedom soaks in like the sun on a winter day
civilization, at last grows once again…..

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2 Responses to Let Us be Free

  1. This is extremely well written. I really like the flow of if and it’s very creative. I think everyone can relate to the pressure that society places on us to conform. Keep up the great work!

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