I Try to Outrun the Moon Tonight

I try to outrun the moon tonight,
a crazy notion? maybe, but still worth a try,
bad things might seem tamer in the dark,
my worries might look a tad smaller if not bared under it’s glaring light.

I try to outrun my burdens and unsolved fights,
yet like this stubborn moon, they catch up with me at every turn,
how far I may travel, it’s still at my back,
I pant and I grunt as I move with all my might,
all the while it rests patiently in the same place yet same distance apart.

I try to outrun all that keeps my mood folly,
but end up worrying about worrying about these damned worries,
there is nowhere to hide, to run, to find refuge from the night.

mentally and physically exhausted, I quit my running,
I resort to a new place where the moon can quit it’s chases,
my knees hit the ground, my body slips right behind them,
I close my eyes and force every thought out of my head,
with both moon and foul thoughts locked tightly away,
I finally rest and regain my strength.

a new tomorrow awaits with another round of practice,
till the day I defeat my adversaries and can boast of my conquests,
maybe a little touch by Lady Nike might do the trick,
a night embedded between shifting months,
when I could without bias announce
I have outrun the moon tonight…….

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