Ode to a Great man I never met

Although we’ve never met
yet your loss has placed in my life a permanent dent.
The brief time I heard of you and seen you on screen,
has made me believe in humanity once again.
Your debates, your speeches, your points of view,
though I disagreed with some but respected your truths.
I’ve recently come to Canada and made it my home,
out of all the political figures I’ve followed, you’ve stood out the most.
You put a human face to a business that’s been known to be full of lies and deceit,
and put our faith back in a system which lots thought was obsolete.
With these few humble words on paper I say farewell to thee,
for it’s because of people like you that I feel like I belong with my new kin.
Farewell Mr. Layton may you rest in Eternal peace,
And may God give strength and patience to your family, close friends and all those who loved you deep……..

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