With a Heavy Heart I Apologize

For all those brave souls that were lost for freedom,
For all those bitter tears that flowed in rivers due to oppression,
For all those screams that were suffered in silence,
I have no choice but to hold out my hand in shame,
And in that hand, offer a heart heavy, that’s been with sorrow stained.

For every mother who has buried her child,
For every wife whose spouse is wrongfully behind bars,
For every child who has experienced loss,
And the word martyr constant when of their friends and family they talk,
I offer to you a trembling hand,
in it lies my heart that’s been soaked in despair.

For every hungry stomach and and aching soul,
For those that have been deprived of food for body and thought,
Who pray for rain, for peace, for justice
And hold on to the mirage that help is en route,
I hold out my guilt brimmed hand.

A hand that holds a heart guilty of murder,
Guilty of being blind to the tattered bodies,
Being deaf to the screams of torture,
Being oblivious to the lack of justice,
Being numb to brutality against mother and child,
I hold myself responsible for being helpless,
For not being able to offer anything more than my heart,
With it I humbly apologize,
And offer a silent prayer for thee every night…….

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