Ive got a jello mould around my heart,
Encasing it tightly against life’s many blows.
A thickened layer that grew in breadth,
as each year took it’s heavy toll.
A comfortable cushion that secures my beats,
And dulls the sharpness of the blades of foes.
The unwitting arrow of a careless friend,
Could still puncture it with a deep sad hole.
I think of life and force a smile,
while i grimly reflect on this double edged core.
As im numbed from life’s ill wills im also unable to feel good thoughts.
My dullness has reached deep within my heart,
Frozen to feelings good and bad.
A certain crack could be the end of me, 
As it’s too late to let it thaw.
I lie awake on this dark cold night, 
And reflect upon my short lived life.
I have missed extremes of joy While i tried,
to cover my heart from all sorts of hurt.
My heart is numb, my heart is cold, my heart is used to beating without a pause.
My jello casing i owe u gratitude, with a tinge of guilt as i let my heart get its fill of you.
My darling jello case thank you and i forgive you,
for without ur softness i would certainly be badly bruised;
And bleeding with hurt and worry ten tombes fold.
Forget the pleasures that im told i miss,
For im sure they are overreated anyway.
Just keep my heart covered by ur sweet softness,
And dont let anything seep between it and this well guarded flesh…..

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