Arab Spring

I have an exam in a few days,
I turn on my study buddy, my trusted laptop, my friend.
I start surfing thru the chapters, and turn my music on to concentrate.
Question after question, I try to answer quick,
slowly swim through the sea of knowledge, and encrypted lists
Life’s boring, life’s stable mornings happening, no distractions in sight
Major headlines on the news, numerous riots catch the corner of my eye
I needed a break anyway, so let me catch up on wats been happenin these days
People are marching down the streets and demanding change of regime
Ok then wat European country is it and what is the cause this time
The MIDDLE EAST the article said, u must have ur geography wrong cos things like this never happen in that particular place
For years and years people were taught u come from a great race of conquorers and scholars
Yet no conquest made for the last hundred years at least
No science discovered no achievements in the past 100 years
The latest fashion trends occupied the minds, and how to plan the most magnificent feasts
If u r poor then that is another matter
For ur thoughts r solely on how to flee across the border
Rights and justice almost a foreign term
A sad faded memory from earlier brighter times back then
Down with leaders I heard they chanted
We want democracy and rights reinstated
My heart filled with pride as I watched my delayed child of a nation finally grow up
Or should I say get back up to reclaim it’s leading spot
No good could from this whispered some
A defeatist notion that got u in this mess ur tryin to get out from
Heroes u have become in the eyes of the world
Grown ups u have conquered what was originally yours
So stand up straight and bathe on this hard earned glory

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