Oh Where Art Thou

I miss u so this important day
That could shape my life in so many different ways
Ur gentle word ur wise advice
Ur firm beliefs that have shaped my life
Oh how I miss ur lap, ur face, ur kind words that left life’s hardships abay
Oh how I sigh in confusion and disdain over the isolation I imposed on my fate
How I wish I listened when u said come back
Or even tried to give home another knack
But alas I was blinded by ambition and greed
And am now stuck here remorseful to feel
Oh love, I miss u so much my heart aches for ur company
Ur guidance ur piety ur closeness to the divinity
Oh guardian angel, I pray for us to see each other soon
Lest I lose control and my soul’s kept in eternal doom
I have so much to tell u so many sobs to share
But all I make do with now is a dark wall at which I stare
I feel like I’m sliding in a blackness of the unknown
Ur light sorely missed to guide this path that’s most forlorn

Oh where art thou
My angel, my compass
I’m lost without u and afraid of my many future stumbles

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