Silent Fury

ever been so angry that you could almost burst
not regular fury but the kind that hurts the most
a kind with no outlet to vent from, a poison to its host,
no understanding person in sight, not even a random soul to boast,
so deep the burn that it hurts your insides and seeps out off course
tears stuck in my throat filling my lids to the brim, so precariously close,
to flowing freely and drenching my masked cold face,
years of practice molding it into an unreadable state
a tip over the brim could crack softness in this well enforced palisade
cracking open a dam that could forever to close take
gushing forth forgotten and buried moments that should’ve been left in their state
a spark has just been lit that is burning faster than a gas filled wooden stage
no water in this world could dampen it’s progress or change its course
burning with it my soul and charring my mind leaving me in an eternal haze
a long road waits ahead to gather what’s left of me and redo my face
so i can appear strong and proud even if i don’t feel so great
there goes the world taking punches at me from every angle
hopefully I’ll get a grip on things and finally control my fate….
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