Another day has just swept by,

Carrying with it more of my heart felt sighs,

I wonder now what if all this is a lie,

Or maybe a clip from my favourite movie’s lines,

Could it be a stray arrow shot down from the sky,

That finally landed on my vulnerable side,

Or maybe one of those dreams where I soon wake up with a smile,

And laugh at myself for having a delusional mind,

Maybe that one thing that I loathed actually exists!

And I fallen for this illness and gotten sick,

Suffering in its sweet and gently tight grip,

I’m not even sure if I want its medicine,

Yet I’m not comfortable to let its golden ropes stick,

To my heart, my soul, and to my very brain’s thick,

How could I have lived happily without this thing,

I guess it’s just a sweet illusion that will soon need a shrink,

Before I get consumed in it and reach the very brink,

So should I thank little Cupid for his arrow’s tip,

Or maybe curse him for not trying to miss,

Like chocos and candy,

the more you hold it, it sticks,

Yet it tastes more delicious than as candy does to kids,

Here I am gushing about it clearly caught up in its grips,

Lord help me come to terms with this queer illness,

And sort out my mind to deal with my heart’s mess,

With no compromise to myself,

my values, or my ideals lest,

I lose myself and gain nothing but a big heartache..

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