Thru Thick and Thin

Divided we’ve become through thick and thin,

No longer are we moved by the sight of grief stricken men,

Blinded by this world’s hunger and vicious schemes,

Unheeding to the cries for help that quietly beseech,

And call for our human and generous streaks,

When was the last time u took a blind man’s hand in lead,

Or helped those back home, or even felt a shred of sympathy,

Engulfed r our thoughts in wealth, power and how to succeed,

Oblivious to who we tramp on or on whose poor shoulders we lean,

A thought their way is a first step to begin,

The repair of our burnt bridges that have collapsed within,

Our nations could unite together and finally begin,

A new page where a brother’s cry is felt strongly and dims,

Out all other meaningless distractions and mindless whims,

The aid of a fellow human will hopefully fill,

Part of our ambitions, hopes, goals, and wills,

Drive us back closer, united and each other’s protective shields,

Like bricks in a wall, we stand close and support each other’s needs

Nations with more things in common that aid each other’s fallen

Nations whose goal is how to spread and nurture goodwill,

And hopefully stand united together through thick and thin

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