Broken Wing

The girl with the broken wing lies here tonight
Watching the familiar lights above
She had seen this view inside out
In another lifetime on the wings of a dove
How far has life plunged her down
And when will she return
A million questions fill her head
Unanswered with a sad undertone
She lay awake under the moon’s glow
Its light plays gently across her skin
And her broken wing is bared
Crippled and crushed she lays
Surrendered to her fate
The rustle of the night keeps her awake
The noise of sheets on a breathing soul
Her body twitches with every pulse
And with every breath sways forth
How could people bear all this noise
That cut through the nights quiet poise
A cricket here a wild thing there
The night had a life of it’s own
The soft creak under her humble bed
Made of petals mixed with soft leaves and earth
Covered with a lavender scented silk And blanketed with fine wool
Oh what she would give to go back up there
And be able to sleep with no blasting horns
She lay there under the night
Gazing at the familiar lights
With a broken wing And a tattered soul
She sighs then manages a small smile

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