Tribute to Special Warriors

my life has just ended
my final bell has been rung
this dark present lays inside me uninvited
i try to phanthom why it chose me to reside in
what did i do to deserve this dark gift
who could i thank for posting this endowment so swift
and given my life such a brutal shift
i could feel it unwrapping itself and getting cozy
in my bosom it feeds and grows and devours me
an unwelcome guest lays there that weakens me
not now, i plead, not like this
maybe i’m better off dead , lets move  this forewith
i silently pray to get this overwith
prayer, after prayer, i find relief
for my family and loved ones are all so near
i feel a cloak of calmness engulf me
my mind gently lets go of all that i did fear
for i will rip this present out and send it packing
i will   bear whatever it throws at me and will be left satanding
i will defeat you and snuff you out of my existance
and pray that neither me nor anyone else is sent any other such offerings
strong will and reason has finally fueled me from inside
i will not leave without a fight
and i will defeat you with all my might
for i believe in myself and i know i can heal
you no more frighten me, though i know the road ahead isn’t a pleasant sight
but it’s the prize beyond this uphill battle  that has given me the strength of the finest knights
i’m frightened no more of your grip over me
and i have already started the road to recovery
yes i can defeat you and God willingly i will
and i will soon declare it to all that i’m cancer free and still….

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