Farewell Pharoahs

Floating gently in the stream of life

i watch those that swim around me against the tides rise

a broken body here, another still flailing there, all unified, all for this strife

i quietly watch, and let the waves carry my weightless body, defeated without a try

a storm is brewing and angry waves sweep all of us by

the eye of the storm apparent, and closing in on our plights

swimming furiously against its pull, some taken out with a big splash

awakened from the nightmare that hypnotized us many a time

the bonds have been broken, the cages crumbled in this fight

disbelief and cynicism slowly washed away as numbers rise

the beginning of the end some chant,

the start of a new dawn others cry

i float no more in these murky waters

for the swimmers have cleared it free

the whirlpool of the resistance has turned this still pond into a raging sea

where wave after wave, the dirt is purged and the murkiness thrown to dry shore

i feel my limbs loosen around me, my paralysis gone, at last we can even the score

i’ve regained my free will to swim and finally join the ranks in shoals

thanks to the brave, the martyred for our freedom the first of many to pay the highest price

we will float idly no longer, in this unpredictable sea of life

but rather swim and swim again and reinstate our long lost rights

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