Once Upon a Heart

Once upon a heart that beat in a faraway land
closer to us than we might fathom
lay a warm blooded soul with a shackled mind
fear for breakfast he was fed, paranoia for lunch on the menu
dinner, Alas! was but a mix of the two
hypnotized was this poor clueless being of what transpired around him
busy was he made, day and night, overflowing with all life’s burdens
he could barely even glance and see what’s outside the closed up world that he lived in
a monotonous oppressed life he lead, surrounded by corruption.

Once upon a heart in a faraway land
filled with endless wars and brutal killings
it beat furiously every moment, trying to outrun the arrows of misfortune
covered was it in a veil, custom made by the chieftains
to keep away reasoning, to block knowledge, and keep all questionings at arm’s length
but this young brave heart couldn’t beat idly no more, and began to tear at that garment
with every hole made, rays of light shone in, to clear up the darkness
in but a short time, this heart caught it’s breath, and gazed at the scene around him
he looked at his right, and then to the left, and even checked behind him
pounding with different beats, he saw the others that were oblivious just like him
blind hearts lay beating, working hard under the pressure of their own burdens
stifled and gasping, they barely breathed under the exact same veil that like him, kept them isolated
deafened to the world, they stumble and try to reach for solid ground under them
it’s a shield to keep you safe, a lie they accepted without wonder
don’t touch it, don’t remove it, they were warned, lest your enemies will devour you
a wave passes by with the strength of an earthquake
stronger than coffee, more potent than any antidote, an electrical shock snapped them out of their slumber
jolted awake by this unexpected shake they frantically look around them
the covers are gone, must have slipped off by what woke em
their confusion forgotten by the new found beating hearts around them
for the very first time they feel less alone, their beats come in unison
the light shines through their pure hearts and chases away all suspicions
understanding dawns over their heads, their minds churn back into action
when all dust settles aside, they realize their chieftains were but their real dangers
their peril was not in the unknown that lurked under the shadows
for the people they were warned against were the same people they had trusted to lead them
shackles broken, bonds mended, unity once again settled in
gone are those that whispered dark thoughts that let their nightmares fester
chased away were those demon chiefs, their deceit was laid open

Once upon a heart in a faraway land
Closer to us than we may fathom
a symphony beats with a sweet melody that has ousted away tyranny
this heart beats solo no more, for it’s surrounded by beats of harmony…..

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