Lucid non-Thoughts

freedom before justice 









                  +               (dys?)Functional Society








justice before law 



law before humanity        


                                          T . Y . R . A . N . N . Y

power fails


thrones overturned


shackles melt


still waiting




time served



t h o u g h t s condensed to    w








to spell out perhaps,

a neo-pseudo-Utopia

 built on lucid dreams

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A Tyrant Disposed, along with Humanity

shot in battle,

body dragged

celebratory cheers mixed with bullets and laughs

showcased for all, to confirm, to brag

in a cold room, not nearly as frigid nor as harsh

as our happy smiles, dances, high-fives

death is an art now, to savor, to enjoy

his last victory won

by one last evil act

our humanity gone

through our gloats

with his demise

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Oh Weeping Sun Quit your Cry

Here I am on a dark rainy day,
in yet another foriegn land so many miles away.
A spot within me glows with somewhat wavering hope,
illuminating what’s around me, my thoughts spreading like foam.
A hope so strong yet fragile to the wrong winds,
I keep it hidden within me, safely tucked away within.
It’s what keeps me warm, this frigid autumn day,
and keeps me smiling as I lie confined in this new place.
I watch the rain wash furiously all that’s outside,
maybe a sign from heaven that this life’s hitting a restart!
The weepin sun, long hidden by the dark clouds above,
its tears soak the clouds grey, the weight making them lose their fluff.
The heaviness exceeds their strength and spills rain on the ground,
but as with every other thing in this world, I know that this rain won’t last for long.
I wait patiently for the sun to finally replace the grey wet clouds with ones dry and new,
To restore cheer back in the air and soak our skins with happiness through and through…….

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Let Us be Free

Society rules and I don’t abide,
but with my rebellion comes a hefty price
the threat of expulsion or being ostracized
by a power so strong wielded over us based on mischievous lies
its force, grows stronger day by day
as long as it’s invisible veil covers their eyes
each powerless on their own to exercise their free will
to survive, to grow, you must like a chameleon blend in
or risk the consequences and be at the mercy of other’s whims.
Society rules with impotent strength
once each person asserts his right to bend it
then we can render it useless to control the masses
and life finally springs back to the shackled
freedom soaks in like the sun on a winter day
civilization, at last grows once again…..

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An ear’s smile
an eye’s touch
a tongue in tune
to a nose that will vouch
that an end has overcome where this soul has been.
Sweet bitter goodbyes to all familiar routines
replaced by a new dawn as yesterday’s dusk takes leave
hope is renewed and is once again there to keep
for new sounds, brighter shades
zesty tastes and delicate things
puzzle of life finally solved
first round is over
Give a chance to do many new things
senses mixed, feelings numbed, memories lost,
a new beginning on a new slate
set ur timers change ur clocks
hours and minutes fly out as new shots
Born anew, pure as water
waiting for what experiences await to give us flavors
Forgetfulness unheard of for precious few moments just passed
like a new motor the heads churn what new signals the senses bombard
An ear’s smile
an eye’s touch
a tongue in tune
to a nose on watch
as they slowly help us consume all flavors of Life……..

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I Try to Outrun the Moon Tonight

I try to outrun the moon tonight,
a crazy notion? maybe, but still worth a try,
bad things might seem tamer in the dark,
my worries might look a tad smaller if not bared under it’s glaring light.

I try to outrun my burdens and unsolved fights,
yet like this stubborn moon, they catch up with me at every turn,
how far I may travel, it’s still at my back,
I pant and I grunt as I move with all my might,
all the while it rests patiently in the same place yet same distance apart.

I try to outrun all that keeps my mood folly,
but end up worrying about worrying about these damned worries,
there is nowhere to hide, to run, to find refuge from the night.

mentally and physically exhausted, I quit my running,
I resort to a new place where the moon can quit it’s chases,
my knees hit the ground, my body slips right behind them,
I close my eyes and force every thought out of my head,
with both moon and foul thoughts locked tightly away,
I finally rest and regain my strength.

a new tomorrow awaits with another round of practice,
till the day I defeat my adversaries and can boast of my conquests,
maybe a little touch by Lady Nike might do the trick,
a night embedded between shifting months,
when I could without bias announce
I have outrun the moon tonight…….

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Ode to a Great man I never met

Although we’ve never met
yet your loss has placed in my life a permanent dent.
The brief time I heard of you and seen you on screen,
has made me believe in humanity once again.
Your debates, your speeches, your points of view,
though I disagreed with some but respected your truths.
I’ve recently come to Canada and made it my home,
out of all the political figures I’ve followed, you’ve stood out the most.
You put a human face to a business that’s been known to be full of lies and deceit,
and put our faith back in a system which lots thought was obsolete.
With these few humble words on paper I say farewell to thee,
for it’s because of people like you that I feel like I belong with my new kin.
Farewell Mr. Layton may you rest in Eternal peace,
And may God give strength and patience to your family, close friends and all those who loved you deep……..

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With a Heavy Heart I Apologize

For all those brave souls that were lost for freedom,
For all those bitter tears that flowed in rivers due to oppression,
For all those screams that were suffered in silence,
I have no choice but to hold out my hand in shame,
And in that hand, offer a heart heavy, that’s been with sorrow stained.

For every mother who has buried her child,
For every wife whose spouse is wrongfully behind bars,
For every child who has experienced loss,
And the word martyr constant when of their friends and family they talk,
I offer to you a trembling hand,
in it lies my heart that’s been soaked in despair.

For every hungry stomach and and aching soul,
For those that have been deprived of food for body and thought,
Who pray for rain, for peace, for justice
And hold on to the mirage that help is en route,
I hold out my guilt brimmed hand.

A hand that holds a heart guilty of murder,
Guilty of being blind to the tattered bodies,
Being deaf to the screams of torture,
Being oblivious to the lack of justice,
Being numb to brutality against mother and child,
I hold myself responsible for being helpless,
For not being able to offer anything more than my heart,
With it I humbly apologize,
And offer a silent prayer for thee every night…….

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Ive got a jello mould around my heart,
Encasing it tightly against life’s many blows.
A thickened layer that grew in breadth,
as each year took it’s heavy toll.
A comfortable cushion that secures my beats,
And dulls the sharpness of the blades of foes.
The unwitting arrow of a careless friend,
Could still puncture it with a deep sad hole.
I think of life and force a smile,
while i grimly reflect on this double edged core.
As im numbed from life’s ill wills im also unable to feel good thoughts.
My dullness has reached deep within my heart,
Frozen to feelings good and bad.
A certain crack could be the end of me, 
As it’s too late to let it thaw.
I lie awake on this dark cold night, 
And reflect upon my short lived life.
I have missed extremes of joy While i tried,
to cover my heart from all sorts of hurt.
My heart is numb, my heart is cold, my heart is used to beating without a pause.
My jello casing i owe u gratitude, with a tinge of guilt as i let my heart get its fill of you.
My darling jello case thank you and i forgive you,
for without ur softness i would certainly be badly bruised;
And bleeding with hurt and worry ten tombes fold.
Forget the pleasures that im told i miss,
For im sure they are overreated anyway.
Just keep my heart covered by ur sweet softness,
And dont let anything seep between it and this well guarded flesh…..

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Arab Spring

I have an exam in a few days,
I turn on my study buddy, my trusted laptop, my friend.
I start surfing thru the chapters, and turn my music on to concentrate.
Question after question, I try to answer quick,
slowly swim through the sea of knowledge, and encrypted lists
Life’s boring, life’s stable mornings happening, no distractions in sight
Major headlines on the news, numerous riots catch the corner of my eye
I needed a break anyway, so let me catch up on wats been happenin these days
People are marching down the streets and demanding change of regime
Ok then wat European country is it and what is the cause this time
The MIDDLE EAST the article said, u must have ur geography wrong cos things like this never happen in that particular place
For years and years people were taught u come from a great race of conquorers and scholars
Yet no conquest made for the last hundred years at least
No science discovered no achievements in the past 100 years
The latest fashion trends occupied the minds, and how to plan the most magnificent feasts
If u r poor then that is another matter
For ur thoughts r solely on how to flee across the border
Rights and justice almost a foreign term
A sad faded memory from earlier brighter times back then
Down with leaders I heard they chanted
We want democracy and rights reinstated
My heart filled with pride as I watched my delayed child of a nation finally grow up
Or should I say get back up to reclaim it’s leading spot
No good could from this whispered some
A defeatist notion that got u in this mess ur tryin to get out from
Heroes u have become in the eyes of the world
Grown ups u have conquered what was originally yours
So stand up straight and bathe on this hard earned glory

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